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Mexican cuisine is considered a crucial element of national identity, due to its history, creativity, diversity and transcendence.

It is no surprise that in 2010 Mexican Gastronomy was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Authentic Mexican recipes were passed down from Nidia’s late grandmother Petra.  Nidia was taught to cook at the age of 12 by her mother Patricia. Embracing her love of cooking and wanting to preserve this traditional style, Chef Nidia was inspired to create Casa Humo to carry on the family cooking traditions.  An experience that awakens all of your senses and, gifted to the guests, to share these important Mexican traditions with the world. 

Chef Nidia is not a Chef per se, but a traditional Mexican cook.

Chef Nidia is bilingual and classes are taught in English (Spanish classes available on request).

Casa Humo is proudly sponsored by TWIG, the #1 Guide of What to Do it Guadalajara! Both Casa Humo and TWIG believes in quality experiences.


!Viva la Cocina  Mexicana!

cooking class at the pool

Chef Nidia

Born in Veracruz, Mexico

Traditional Cook



Although there is much talk of avant-garde gastronomy, traditional cooks are the backbone of Mexican cuisine. Not only for dedicating their lives to nixtamal and smoke, but also for keeping their knowledge in their memories and transforming the flavors of their land with their hands.

These figures of our culture are key to understanding the way in which society has evolved. With recipes inherited from mothers, aunts and grandmothers, the women of rural communities possess the gastronomic heritage of the country.

No study or professionalization is required to broaden the spectrum of traditional cooks, quite the contrary. Their apprenticeship is made up of experiences and knowledge gained in the kitchen of each of their homes.

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